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The permanent make-up machine is the heart of every PMU artist. Without these machines, so much in the world of permanent make-up would not be possible.

Permanent make-up machines are usually small, light and handy. Due to their fields of application, which require absolutely exact work, PMU machines are precise and reliable.
We recommend using only specially designed PMU machines for permanent make-up in order to get really perfect results.

In order to complete our range of high quality permanent make-up machines, we have been searching for the perfect machines that not only create the most precise lines and most realistic permanent make-up artwork, but are also available at affordable prices.

These permanent make-up machines run safely and without interference - imagine you are pigmenting an eyebrow and then your PMU machine will not turn on. The disaster is inevitable.
Trust in this regard only the most reliable and best PMU machines you can find!

In order to use a PMU machine, a power supply is of course required - as with tattooing. We have put together a selection of power supplies that ensure smooth PMU treatment.