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The Sublime Tattoo needle cartridges are the latest innovation of the Polish tattoo equipment manufacturer Kwadron.

These new Tattoo Needle Cartridges feature a needle stabilization system that ensures optimal performance of the Tattoo Needles.
The inside walls of the tips of these needle cartridges are made with a special surface that guarantees a better flow of color.

The Kwadron needle cartridges are manufactured in Poland according to the highest quality standards of the industry and subjected to strict quality controls.
They are made of hard, medical plastic. This material is both skin-friendly, as well as robust and safe. Thanks to the medical plastic, excessive friction is prevented.
The tips are extremely sharp and retain this even over longer tattoo sessions. The Kwadron Tattoo Needles were soldered with the highest precision.
The needle stabilization system ensures optimum performance of the Tattoo Needle Cartridges - in every situation!