Stencil Application Solutions

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Of course, in order to perfectly and sharply transfer your custom tattoo stencil to your client's skin, you need the perfect template fluid.

We offer you here a variety of stencil solutions because of own experience and each tattoo artist has a different style of work and swears on other products.

At heart we can give you personally especially "Invade - Stencil Solution". Invade is a turquoise liquid that optimally transfers your stencil to the client's skin. Without long drying, you can start tattooing almost immediately without blurring your original.
If your customer or customer is not satisfied with the placement, the template can be relocated at any time.
The stencil liquid is also extremely productive. And do not worry: the skin and the stencil lines do not turn suddenly turquoise, the color only helps with spot-on application!

Stencil Stuff - one of the most famous brands when it comes to stencils, has made its way into our extensive range. The stencil lasts a very long time and thanks to the mild ingredients no problems occur on most skin types.

You have now applied your stencil with the safest stencil liquid, everything is dried, but the customer still has a desire to change, or the subject is not optimally placed? Do not start scrubbing and irritating your tattoo customer's skin unnecessarily, take our stencil eraser!