Machine Suitcase

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Are you a tattoo artist who works a lot abroad or travels a lot? Then we have exactly the right thing for you!
With these Tattoo Machine suitcases you are always ready to go! Your tattoo equipment and the most sacred - the Tattoo Machine - are best protected against external influences and survive even the longest and bumpiest roads without damage and without problems.

In our assortment you will find different suitcase sizes and designs, so that you can get into the world well-prepared and then start tattooing. Every single suitcase has its own advantages; Through the variety we want to leave you the decision what you need for your tattoo equipment.
Whether large suitcases, in which fits not only your Tattoo Machine, but also all accessories, to smaller suitcases, which were developed for one or more Tattoo Machines, you will find all conceivable sizes.

Do you already know the Ammobox of The Inked Army? This box protects your utensils perfectly, the foam inlay completes this additional and ensures that really nothing can slip, scratch or break.