For perfect and accurate results, you need the right Tattoo Needles.

We have everything your heart desires! Whether normal Tattoo Needles or needle cartridges, we have the largest selection in stock! Various needle sizes and needle types are no problem, our assortment is designed to be ideally equipped for every tattoo session.

Any variants are represented here:

Liner needles, from fine to coarse, for fine and delicate lines, but also for strong and rich artwork.
Filling needles, perfect needle sizes for easy and fast filling.
Shading needles, whether for soft or hard shading, all suitable needle types are available here.

We want you to be equipped with only the best Tattoo Needles the market has to offer.

That's why we've made it a matter of the heart, we have been long in search of high quality Tattoo Needles and needle cartridges, which meet our requirements for you.

Our own brand The Inked Army offers exactly these requirements and quality at the highest level.

 So if you want to have the perfect Tattoo Needles and needle cartridges, then is The Inked Army brand the solution! Our The Inked Army Shrapnelz Tattoo Needles have been scrutinized for all aspects of us. The Shrapnelz let you get your artwork under your skin with ease. Because here you have a unique choice for which needle types you decide: Liner, Hollow Liner, Round Shader, Magnum, Round Magnum are listed in our assortment.

But if you prefer to work with needle cartridges, then we have the right available for you. Because The Inked Army has gone out of its way again and offers you Tattoo Needle cartridges with membrane or with a new elastomer ring return system. Guerilla are the Tattoo Needle Cartridges of the future!

The Guerilla tattoo needle cartridges have a first-class membrane suspension, which prevents the color flow back into the module and the machine.

Shrapnelz and Guerilla were developed and made by tattoo artist for  tattooists, where the power is derived from years of experience and concentrated drawn. All tattoo needles that leave our warehouse are scrupulously checked for their quality, so perfect and clean lines, as well as full shading work, are guaranteed!

In addition to the tattoo needles and needle cartridges of The Inked Army, we also offer world-famous manufacturers such as Cheyenne. Here you can decide if you would rather complete your artwork with the Cheyenne Safety Cartridges or the Cheyenne Craft Cartridges

Also brand new in the range: the incredibly reliable needle cartridges from Kwadron! These tattoo needle cartridges are not only outwardly real jewels, they are also perfectly crafted and guarantee you an incredible tattoo session!

If you have questions about the individual needles size and magnitude or something similar, then do not be afraid to contact us.