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Dynamic - Artist Color

 Dynamic's colors are artist's ink,...

Dynamic - Artist Color

Dynamic's colors are artist's ink, which has been known as such in the US and Europe for over 30 years.
Since the pigments used were not originally intended as components for tattoo inks, we do not sell this color for use as tattoo inks.

The Dynamic Colors have a capacity of 240 ml. You have the choice between two different blacks and two different whites.

Our standard black is a solid, strong black, which comes out opaque.
A whole lot darker and more opaque is the Triple Black. This black color contains more pigments than standard black. Due to its deep blackness, this black is perfect for filling in areas, but is rather unsuitable for outlines.
A must - have for every Blackwork fan!

The white shades are the exact counterparts to the two blacks.
White is one of the most difficult shades, as this color can fade very quickly, get a gray haze, or discolored in no time.
Dynamic got to the root of this problem and created an incredibly bright, high density pigment in Heavy White.
Standard White, on the other hand, is a solid, yet strong, white that can be used universally.

You are an artist? Well then with the artist colors of Dynamic!

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