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Here you will find examination gloves made of different materials, sizes and colors.

From latex gloves, to nitrile exam gloves that are perfect for latex allergy tattooists and piercers, extra long gloves, or latex fingerprotectors, it's all there.

Whether you like plain black or white gloves, or are in colorful and bright colors, we have something for every taste and every need!
Whether you have small or big hands, it does not matter. We carry all sizes, from XS to XL!

Our gloves are of course approved for all areas (chemistry, medicine and food).

For a space-saving and accessible storage, glove box holders will make you a very good service. Simply attached to the wall in your tattoo studio, a packet of examination gloves can be stored in there. The holder can be purchased in black metal, white metal or stainless steel, perfectly matched to the decor in your tattoo or piercing studio.