Thermal Printers & Printer Fluid

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To make your workflow as easy and time-saving as possible, we offer you a wide selection of the highest quality thermal printers we could find.
We personally tested the thermoprinters for their functionality, their efficiency and their price-performance ratio.

For your tattoo, our A4 thermal copier is wonderful. This faithful companion will convert an exact copy of your tattoo into a transfer template within seconds.
For this thermal printer, you can also get some accessories, in case something should break.

An A4 size thermal copier is not enough for you? You like to do really big motives? Then of course we also have a thermal printer for A3 stencil paper for you.

Even if you travel a lot as a tattoo artist, for example, have different guest spots, or just often at different tattoo conventions, you do not have to do without your transfer templates. We offer you various mobile printers brand Brother. These thermal printers are always ready to use because they do not require consumables such as ink or toner.

Of course, to create your stencil you also need the appropriate template paper. It is important that you make sure that your stencil paper is suitable for stencil printers.
For example, we can recommend the Repro FX Classic Thermal Stencil Paper by SPIRIT. It is available in different sizes and as a roll for cutting yourself.
This stencil paper is also available as green thermal paper.

The S8 Red Stencil Paper is the first red-colored stencil paper that is suitable for thermal printers. This stencil paper is very beneficial especially for very light skin of the customer.