Cleaning supplies

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Here you will find the best of the best in the field of cleaning!

In your tattoo everyday life you and your tattoo studio come in contact with all sorts of stubborn substances, such as blood and color, and some germs.

It goes without saying that cleaning agents that keep their promise are necessary.


The brand The Inked Army has released a cleaning line for you that thinks along!

When removing blood and grease from the skin, just reach for The Inked Army Green Agent Skin. During the preparation of this cleanser, particular attention was given to use absolutely skin-friendly ingredients to protect the freshly tattooed skin and prevent swelling and redness.

The Inked Army Green Soap is the perfect solution for removal annoying paint residues from medical instruments and tattoo and piercing accessories. Due to the high alcohol content it cleans very thoroughly without forming much foam.

Also for cleaning of soiled or greasy surfaces, your The Inked Army crew has created a sensational product: Sani Nuke! Sani Nuke literally bursts everything that should not be there, with minimal effort!


Since this does not cover all areas of cleaning, The Inked Army Crew came up with something new and launched two new and exclusive products that complement the previous range and now complete it entirely. Code Clean is an environmentally friendly but highly effective work surface cleaner that is used when all other cleaners in your tattoo studio have failed. His absolute superpower is the reliable removal of tattoo paint splashes in your tattoo studio.

In addition, Oxxolon represents a new and unique innovation in the tattoo market, which you definitely have not encountered yet. Unlike the previous cleaners, Oxxolon does not typically clean your client's work surfaces or skin, but starts where it's most needed: Oxxolon cleans your Tattoo Needles during your tattoo session! A small amount of it in your water cup will quickly and completely dissolve the tattoo color from your Tattoo Needles. Test it yourself!


Cleaning-specifically everything has been taken care of . Furthermore, we also carry various protective covers for clip cords, machines and bottles, garbage bags, sterilized water, stainless steel care products, disposal containers, and cleaning brushes in our extensive range. Guaranteed to keep your tattoo studio clean and tidy for your next tattoo session.