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The right light plays a big role in every tattoo studio, so you'll find various lights, lights and other lighting that will make your tattoo artist's everyday life a lot easier.


Especially for tattoos with finer lines and some details, it is very important that you as a tattoo artist always have everything well-lit in view.

To be able to work ergonomically, you will find in our program a large selection of work lights that you can build up next to your customer, to illuminate the work area during tattooing.


But even if you have little space, we have lights that you can pinch to tables or other furniture, get the right lighting anyway. (Further information is available here)

We can also offer you a lamp that you can strap around your head. The advantage is that the lamp always illuminates exactly the area in which you turn your head, namely the tattoo. Therefore, the annoying adjustment of the lamps is a thing of the past.


If you want to protect your eyes and your tattoo colors should be optimally recognizable in the light, you should therefore attach great importance to high-quality and brightly lit lamps and exposures.