Bavarian Custom Irons

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Bavarian Custom Irons is a German company based in Bavaria, near Munich. Their top intentions include the production of high-quality tattoo machines and the fitting equipment in the most delicate manual work.
As Bavarian Custom Irons writes: This company still manages with heart and hand.
In addition to the aesthetics of the products, this German craft business focuses on impeccable quality. Each product undergoes several quality controls before it leaves the house.

In addition to tattoo machines, Bavarian Custom Irons also produces high-quality power supply units, which are specially tuned to their own built coil machines, but are also suitable for all other tattoo machines.
Despite the absolute top quality of the products, it is important for Bavarian Custom Irons to offer them at an affordable price

Each power supply comes with a lifetime warranty (for the first owner only).
The power units from Bavarian Custom Irons are delivered in an exclusive metal box with precise and easy-to-understand instructions.
If you like to coordinate your workplace with perfect color, the power units of Bavarian Custom Irons are available in different colors!

To protect your Transformer 239 from tipping over or slipping, you can purchase a magnetic holder, which was specially developed for the power units of Bavarian Custom Irons.

If you do not have a magnetic surface nearby that is suitable for the magnetic holder, we can offer you an alternative at this point as well: a screw holder for the power supplies from Bavarian Custom Irons. This screw holder can be screwed to the wall or to the table and holds earthquake proof!