EU REACH approved Tattoo Ink
EU REACH approved tattoo ink
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Tattoo inks - the essence of every tattoo.

With us you will only be supplied with the best tattoo colours for tattooing: largest selection, best brands and top quality!
We only include tattoo colours in our range that we have tested ourselves and found to be good.
In addition to top quality, it is also important to us that the tattoo colours we offer are tested according to REACH. The following brands have passed our quality test and are offered by us with full conviction:

Carbon Black, Eternal Ink, I AM INK, ALPHA Superfluid, Premier Products Ink, Kuro Sumi Imperial, World Famous Limitless, Intenze GEN-Z, Panthera Ink and Just Ink.

As you can see, from colourful and super bright, to calm nuances and deepest black... we have something for every style, taste and demand.

If you have any questions about tattoo colours, feel free to contact us or get more information here.