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Eternal Ink

With a color palette of more than 200...

Eternal Ink

With a color palette of more than 200 shades, there is nothing that does not exist in the range of Eternal Ink.

Among them are signature sets by popular tattooists such as Myke Chambers, Liz Cook, Mike DeVries, Dan Pemble, Levgen, Halo, Mario Rosenau, Bryan M. Sanchez, Lyle Tuttle, Kelly Doty, Dannii G, Frank La Natra, Rich Pineda, Rember Orellana, Andrea Afferni and Jess Yen.

Each of these tattoo artists have their own style, which we hereby pass on to you.

Among them are also very current and modern styles, such as the set of Bryan M. Sanchez, which specializes in watercolor tattoos, or older and traditional styles, such as the Asian set by Jess Yen. Every style, every need and personal preference is served.

Your favorite color is not there? No problem, because the sensational thing about all our Eternal Ink Tattoo colors is that ALL colors are miscible with each other. So you can easily create YOUR individually needed tattoo color.

The Eternal Ink colors are of course vegan and without CMR substances and preservatives.

The tattoo colors are produced in the USA under the strictest hygienic conditions and of course tested for heavy metals and gamma ray sterilized.

The super consistency of these tattoo colors ensure optimal processing under the skin and luminosity over a very long period is definitely guaranteed. A MUST in your tattoo studio. Test it and let yourself be inspired.

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