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At Stencil and Co., you'll find everything you need to put your tattoo art on your client's skin If you like to create freehand artworks, our TomBow ABT Brush Pens are the perfect choice. The fine point of these pens ensures an exact line on the skin of your customers.

You can so create individual and creative works of art while drawing, which you can then easily tattooing. If you want to use classic stencil paper, we have it in different versions for you, here you will definitely find the right one for your drawing.

To transfer your drawing to the skin, you need a stencil fluid, such as Stencil Stuff or Invade is a stencil liquid from The Inked Army, which razor-sharp transfers your tattoo on the skin, a blurring of the stencil is here excluded, unlike any other stencil fluids.