ALPHA Superfluid

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Alpha Tattoo colors, known for many years, have now been produced according to the new regulations and are REACH tested.
The new REACH compliant labels also have a QR code that can be used to retrieve a REACH Declaration of Conformity with analysis evaluation.

All ALPHA Superfluid Black inks cure black and opaque. We recommend the 80% as universal black and the 60% Black for outlines. For filling and covering, the 100% Black is best.

The tattoo colors ALPHA Superfluid Black have a slight brown tint when tattooing, which comes from the contained witch hazel. This is water soluble and disappears completely during the healing process.

The colors are very easy to work with and heal in the skin in a cold black, which lasts for many years.

Only PAH-free, high-performance pigments manufactured in Germany are used in the new ALPHA Superfluid. They are heavy metal tested, without preservatives, with cosmetic-pharmaceutical dispersants, without animal testing, vegan and of course sterile manufactured.