Flavour Butter

How our tattoo butter sets itself apart from Flavor:
With its unforgettable pleasant, intense, but natural smell in different varieties, it not only remains on the skin, but also in the nose and is incidentally even 100% natural and organic. You are more of the coconut type? Fresh Mint gives you the freshness kick you desperately need? Or can not you be sweet enough with the scents of cherries, papayas, strawberries and more? No problem - tastes are different, we know that. Therefore, we have adjusted our range accordingly. You are guaranteed to find something!

The Flavor Butter is vegan and is suitable before, during and after tattooing.

Tattoo artists who want to leave their customers with a memorable tattoo, but also a living smell experience a lasting impression, are just right!
In addition, it can be perfectly used as an aftercare for fresh tattoos and supports the healing process at this point.

The Flavor Tattoo Butter is available in different sizes.