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Magnum Tattoo Needles are best for filling in and shading your tattoo. These spread flat needles are ideal for more fluid tattoo colours.

Sublime - the new Tattoo Needle modules from Kwadron that make tattooing easier. The difference to the normal Kwadon needle modules: The Sublime needle modules are a little smoother and more precise, thanks to their high-quality membrane. The Tattoo Needles also sit even more firmly and tightly in the module thanks to an innovative fastening system. The tips have a specially developed surface on the inside to allow an optimal flow of ink.

With the Kwadron Cartridge System, the manufacturer of these popular tattoo needles has now also developed a product for needle module lovers that is in no way inferior to the quality of the classic Kwadron needles.

Kwadron needle modules are manufactured in Poland to the highest quality standards in the industry and are subjected to strict quality controls.
They are made from hard, medical grade plastic. This material is kind to the skin as well as robust and safe. Thanks to the medical plastic, excessive friction is prevented.
The tips are extremely sharp and retain this even over longer tattoo sessions.