Magnum Tattoo Needle s are used at an angle to the skin, which helps to better distribute the color pigments in the skin layers. Large-area, as well as small filling work are therefore easy with these Tattoo Needle s.

Si vis pacem para bellum, if you want peace, prepare for war!

And who wants to sting a superior tattoo and thus would like to draw in a perfect tattoo session, should ideally equip with the best Tattoo Needle s, which has to offer the market of the tattoo industry!

These highly qualitative tattoo needle cartridges have an elastomeric ring return system that reliably and fluidly transfers the power of the Tattoo Machine to the skin. Your tattoo art knows no bounds.

The needle cartridges are of course manufactured with the highest care and quality under strict controls and checked down to the smallest detail to ensure a carefree tattoo session.
We guarantee sharp and robust needle cartriges that stay perfect until the end.

The Parabellum needle cartridges have 10 pieces per pack and are also packaged individually and sterile for maximum hygiene in your tattoo studio.

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